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I have a string which looks like this when I print it:

RT @HHRoadGuy: It's that time again! Time to tune in for the latest #fortheloveofmusic episode. Catch it now on @CMT!…

I tried to get rid of the linespacing with:

tweet = tweet.rstrip('\r\n')

But it does not work. Probably as the linespacing is inbetween. Also the replace function could not help. What can I do here?

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the replace function could not help - In what way? What did you attempt? – Jon Clements Jul 11 '13 at 11:26
You are absolutely right. Really stupid question. I just had a small error in my code. Sorry. tweet = tweet.replace('\n','') – Tom Jul 11 '13 at 11:30

Are you sure that the line delimeters are indeed '\r\n' and not just '\n'? Because replace() should work just fine:

>>> s = 'hello\r\n\r\nhi'
>>> print(s)

>>> s2 = s.replace('\r\n\r\n', '\r\n')
>>> print(s2)

Indeed, the rstrip() will not work, since that function only strips on the right (end) of the string.

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There are many line break characters: \n \n\r \r depending on the text input.

Look, depending on your input text and replace that character

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The following should work in most cases to get rid of all line breaks, regardless of how they're represented:

lines = tweet.splitlines()
tweet = " ".join(lines)

Or, to avoid double spacing (and adopting P.M.'s concept):

tweet = " ".join([line for line in lines if len(line)])

If you wanted to only get rid of blank lines but preserve line breaks:

tweet = "\n".join([line for line in lines if len(line)])
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tweet = tweet.replace('\n','')

Is the answer. I just had a tiny error in my code and after trying all these different methods and things I got blind. Sorry!

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Try this :

>>> '\n'.join([line for line in your_text.splitlines() if line.strip()])

See for more informations on how it handles line breaks.

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