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I'm wondering if there's a way to load a subsampled pixmap in libgdx, similar to specifying inSampleSize when loading a bitmap in Android. The aim is obviously to only allocate the amount of heap memory that is absolutely necessary.

Good stuff. Cheers, Aert

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Not a real answer, but I couldn't find an answer myself when I ran into this problem.

You can always create an interface and implement it on Android (and other projects). You could implement an AndroidTexture easily with a Bitmap (and use inSampleSize). Of course, it won't be compatible with libgdx Textures (I couldn't find a way to extend correctly from libgdx textures). This won't hurt that much if you don't use Libgdx's sprites or so, but if you do, don't take this approach. I used this to load images from camera, I didn't have any other choice and I only needed to bind the texture for my shaders.

It is also possible to save your sampled images to a folder and let your app load them by their absolute path (also this should be done android-side).

Note that in the first case it won't be a managed texture, you'll need to handle the realoading yourself.

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Thanks for the suggestions! – Aert Jul 15 '13 at 10:05

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