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I found out how to refresh a tree and everything works fine. But now I want to focus on a specific node and it always says that the _itemNodesMap is undefined.

Here is what I have:

     "dojo/_base/window", "dojo/data/ItemFileWriteStore",
     "dijit/tree/ForestStoreModel", "dijit/Tree",
    ], function(win, Ifrs, ForestStoreModel, Tree){
    dojo.extend(Tree, {

      reload: function (data, path) {               
 this.model.store.clearOnClose = true;
 this._itemNodesMap = {};
 this.rootNode.state = "UNCHECKED";
 this.model.root.children = null;

     var _data  = {identifier: "id", label: "label", items: data};
 var _store = new Ifrs({data:_data});
 var _treeModel = new ForestStoreModel({
        store: _store,

for focussing I tried to add the following and call it after setting the path:

   scroll : function(path){
   var itemnode = this._itemNodesMap[path[path.length-1]];

But I always get that _itemNodesMap is undefined. Why? Tree is displayed, path is set and everything except this works. Would be great to get some help. Thanks!

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I believe that setting the path is a deferred process, so assuming the path variable in your scroll function has taken that into consideration, I would use the following to focus on your tree item (node) in your then function:

var item = myTree.path[path.length-1];
var nodes = myTree.getNodesByItem(item);
if (nodes && nodes.length > 0 && nodes[0]) {
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Thanks for your answer. I didn't use any deferred and just set the path with this.set('path',path); –  Sezunna Jul 11 '13 at 14:32
Using your code now results in the same problem. myTree.path (or in my case it it is this.path[path.lenght-1]) is undefined. Even though the path in the view is set correctly afterwards. Should I try to use deferred? (Never did so before, so I'm a little inexperienced) –  Sezunna Jul 11 '13 at 14:41
function call is: dijit.byId("myTree").reload(data, path); dijit.byId("myTree").scroll(path); –  Sezunna Jul 11 '13 at 14:48
What is in your path? I'm assuming that you already know which item you want to scroll to and have constructed the path to that item. If so, the above code should work (because it works for my application). As far as setting the path using a deferred, see this bug report: bugs.dojotoolkit.org/ticket/11304 –  David Jul 11 '13 at 15:11
Yeah in my path is the id. But unfortunately your code doesn't work either even though I have the id. In "nodes" it tells me that it is undefined. But I can convince that the item is in the tree, after the tree is fully build (it is correctly selected, when setting the path!). When I click a second time now without reloading and just focusing, everything works fine (_itemNodesMap is filled correctly too). My guess is, that the tree is not fully build when the code is run. Can I force him to wait? –  Sezunna Jul 11 '13 at 17:33

If your error is that _itemNodesMap is undefined, its not a problem with _itemNodesMap, but rather that your 'this' is not what you think it is at the point of wherever the scroll function is being called (likely through an event, which is likely using the global object for 'this').

You should try using "dojo/_base/lang" and the lang.hitch function to ensure your 'this' will always be original object.

], function(..., lang){
    scroll: lang.hitch(this, function(path){
        var itemnode = this._itemNodesMap[path[path.length-1]];
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Thanks for your answer, but after adding your code, this is not the Treeobject anymore, but the window, which has no _itemNodesMap again. –  Sezunna Jul 12 '13 at 8:18

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