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I currently have three base controllers.

public class BaseController : Controller

public class PrivateBaseController : BaseController

public class WarrantyBaseController : PrivateBaseController

All three have individual functions that need to run for their respective sections.

The question is if I have function in the PrivateBaseController that I want to call via ajax from multiple views, how can I accomplish this so I only have to put the code once in the PrivateBaseController?

We have a link in our main navigation that has to be generated via a webreference to an external party and it's causing the whole page load time to be slow.

I figured if I can call the function in the PrivateBaseController after the page loads via ajax that would help cut down on the page load time.

The basic premise is that I want to be able to use a $.ajax call to an action that returns a string in an mvc controller. Since the navigation is on every page on the private side of the site, where can I put the action so that I can call it from any page across the pricate side of the site.

Would I just put in the Home Controller that inherits from the PrivateBaseController and then call a function in the PrivateBasecontroller?

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Your question is not clear enough. Initially you talked about some AJAX calls from views and then asked about how to achieve that so to put the code only once in PrivateBaseController. AJAX calls are written in javascript, so the code goes in javascript files, not in controllers. Could you please clarify what exactly are you trying to achieve? Ideally provide some sample code of your current situation, explaining why it is not desired and we may see how it can be improved. –  Darin Dimitrov Jul 12 '13 at 10:28
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