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I have 2 CSV files with over 80k strings in each.

The first file have this structure:

12.11.12 - 00:59:58;428,8;
12.11.12 - 00:59:59;428,9;
12.11.12 - 21:53:32;592,7;
12.11.12 - 21:53:35;596,4;
14.11.12 - 12:31:41;510,0;
14.11.12 - 12:31:41;510,0;

And the second have another scructure:


How I can plot both of this CSV files in Gnuplot?

P.S. The first column must be x and the second must be y.

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What graph do you expect to get for 1st and 2nd file? –  Artemix Jul 11 '13 at 13:06
The first column is x and the second is y. –  define_rak Jul 11 '13 at 13:12

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First, apparently you can set the delimiter thus:

set datafile separator ";"

Then set the time format for your first file, and set x to be a time axis:

set timefmt "%d.%m.%y - %H:%M:%S"
set xdata time

Plot the first file

plot "data1.csv" using 1:2

The second file x values don't seem to have a date format, but instead perhaps seconds elapsed? For that, just do

set datafile separator ";"
plot "data2.csv" using 1:2

and don't set xdata time. Then you should have an x axis in seconds. If you need to plot both at the same time, it would be simplest to pre-process one to look like the other.

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