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I am trying to code a Netzke::Basepack::Form that contains a component( the v0.9's :bosses_and_clerks component) The result I get is an empty form whitout the component. By the way, when I replace the bosses_and_clerks component with just a grid component (the v0.9's :bosses component) it works like a charm. I hope you can help me. Netzke rocks!

Here is my code:

class FormBossesAndClerks < Netzke::Basepack::Form

  def configure(c)
    c.title = "Form with :bosses_and_clerks" 
    c.items = [

  component :bosses_and_clerks

For completion here is the code of the bosses_and_clerks component:

class BossesAndClerks < Netzke::Base   
  # Remember regions collapse state and size   
  include Netzke::Basepack::ItemPersistence

  def configure(c)
    c.items = [
      { netzke_component: :bosses, region: :center },
      { netzke_component: :boss_details, region: :east, width: 240, split: true },
      { netzke_component: :clerks, region: :south, height: 250, split: true }
    ]   end

  js_configure do |c|
    c.layout = :border
    c.border = false

    # Overriding initComponent
    c.init_component = <<-JS
        // calling superclass's initComponent

        // setting the 'rowclick' event
        var view = this.getComponent('bosses').getView();
        view.on('itemclick', function(view, record){
          // The beauty of using Ext.Direct: calling 3 endpoints in a row, which results in a single call to the server!
          this.selectBoss({boss_id: record.get('id')});
        }, this);
    JS   end

  endpoint :select_boss do |params, this|
    # store selected boss id in the session for this component's instance
    component_session[:selected_boss_id] = params[:boss_id]   end

  component :bosses do |c|
    c.klass = Netzke::Basepack::Grid
    c.model = "Boss"   end

  component :clerks do |c|
    c.klass = Clerks
    c.data_store = {auto_load: false}
    c.scope = {:boss_id => component_session[:selected_boss_id]}
    c.strong_default_attrs = {:boss_id => component_session[:selected_boss_id]}   end

  component :boss_details do |c|
    c.klass = BossDetails
    c.boss_id = component_session[:selected_boss_id]      
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To format your code as code do not use '>' - prepend each code line with 4 space characters instead. –  Artemix Jul 11 '13 at 13:21
Please explain: a form normally contains fields, not sure if it is intended to be filled with another component? So what are you trying to accomplish? –  nathanvda Nov 27 '13 at 13:33
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