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I am trying to upload file with jqgrid, but the is some mistake in my code. I am using onInitializeForm method. I am using Jquery Ajax File Uploader Can anyone do help to me? You can see Error in screenshot

Screenshot This is my code.

                    datatype: "json",
                    colNames:[<?php echo $strfield; ?>],
                    colModel:[<?php echo $strFieldModel; ?>],
                        pager: '#formControl',
                        sortname: 'id',
                        viewrecords: true,
                        sortorder: "asc",
                        autowidth: true,
                        height: 400,
                        width: 900
                { edit:true,add:true,del:true,search:false},
                    ,onInitializeForm : function(formid){
                }, afterSubmit : function(response, postdata){
                          url: 'application/ajax/common_file_upload.php', 
                          dataType: 'json',
                          success: function (data, status) {
                              alert("Upload Complete.");

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One can see that you have error in jQuery.handleError function which is depreciated from jQuery 1.5. jQuery Ajax File Uploader V2.1 provided from the download page included jQuery 1.2.1.

One have to fix the code of Ajax File Uploader to solve the problem. See the answer and the answer for example or this one. You can consider to use another Plugin for file upload like jQuery Form Plugin (and here), see here.

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