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After clicking the input field that opens the DateTimePicker (we use this one from mobiscroll) our Android HTML5 App crashes with a NumberFormatException at parseInt (which is trying to parse "11.07.1993"). Obviously it should not be parsing the date. Strangely enough, this Bug only happens on Samsung Galaxy S3.

The code that calls the mobiscroller looks like this:

$(function () 
    // create a datepicker                  
        display: 'bottom', 
        dateFormat: 'dd.mm.yy', 
        dateOrder: 'ddmmyy', 
        lang: 'de', 
        onBeforeShow: function (html, inst) 
            inst.setDate(dataclass.gebDat, true, 2);
    $("#ti_gebdat").bind('change', function (event) 
        var dt = $.mobiscroll.parseDate('yy-mm-dd',event.target.value,'');                      
        event.target.value = $.mobiscroll.formatDate('dd.mm.yy', dt, '');
    $('#ti_gebdat').scroller('option', {  maxDate: new Date() });

The input field looks like this:

<input name="ti_gebdat" id="ti_gebdat" style="text-align: right"
     placeholder="" value="" type="date" readonly>

How can I make it work on Galaxy S3 too?


Also crashes with Galaxy S4.

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The problem was that Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4 do actually support the element input with type="date" and calls its own DatePicker. Since the mobiscroll DatePicker was called too at the same time, it resulted in a crash. Removing date from the input element would solve the problem.

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Thanks for answering your own question :) –  Tom McKenzie Jun 17 at 0:13
well, since nobody else answered ;) –  simpleBob Jun 17 at 8:13

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