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I am currently trying allow wordpress users to create woocommerce product from the front-end using WP User Frontend and woocomerce. I used this link: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/how-to-add-a-product-via-frontend-in-woocommerce/, as a guide followed instructions and I managed to make the form appear on the front-end. The only problem is that after submitting, the product is saved but the user is not redirected to any page and doesn't receive any thank you message. When I go to the back-end the newly created product appears but they are no image saved, no categories and no pricing. Can someone help me please.



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You may Try this new plugin which has a Lot of features

Woocommerce front-end Plugin

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hey, the link not working. can you add new link? –  hanan-mstudio 2 days ago

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