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Can we Use programming features in neo4j query like as we have pl-sql in sql. I need some loops and other programming features in Cypher query.Please can anyone tell is it possible.

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Yes. You have two options

  1. Server Plugins
  2. Unmanaged Extensions

Server Plugins

  • The server’s functionality can be extended by adding plugins.
  • Plugins are user-specified code which extend the capabilities of the database, nodes, or relationships.
  • The neo4j server will then advertise the plugin functionality within representations as clients interact via HTTP.
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Thanks Pangea for Help, And i have used Server Plugin Class for getting all node from database. The code looks fine but the moment i run the code i am getting exception Exception in thread "main" java.lang.RuntimeException: org.neo4j.kernel.lifecycle.LifecycleException: Component 'org.neo4j.kernel.StoreLockerLifecycleAdapter@fefe3f' was successfully initialized, but failed to start. Please see attached cause exception. at at GetAll.main( Can you solve This exception Many Thanks Sumit – sumit Jul 12 '13 at 10:53

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