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I have following problem: I need to test app as blackbox app on different devices.

I've tried to use monkeyrunner for it, but it so long to change tap coordinates for each device.

Robotium and Robolectric - useless cause I need to test app as black box, and they are Juint based.

uiautomatorviewer - useless too, because i have specific android image without uiautomator on board. Probably easiest solution it's to add it on device, but for now I can't do it.

Can anybody help me which tool should I use.

What I need:
1) Parse xml structure of apk.
2) Be able to tap by this structure.
3) Be able to copy data to clipboard.
4) Be able to take screenshots.

Any help appreciated.

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I think you should go for Robotium only as it is most suitable and also recommended for black-box testing. Go through this once - http://code.google.com/p/robotium/

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I would suggest you to go with Robotium. It will allow you to even take the screenshots. It is even easy to write testcases Using Robotium. It provides SOLO class with lots of functionality for blackbox testing.

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