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I am trying to get this use case work for me:

I am having a Repository class: ABCRepository which is having a virtual method GetMyValues()

A Model Class: ABCModel, having a method ABCToTest(). Inside this ABCToTest(), I am trying to access ABCRepository using Ninject:

  var repo =  kernel.Get<ABCRepository>();

    //further using repository method

    var results =  repo.GetMyValues();

Now, I am using following code to create Unittest for ABCToTest() and mocking GetMyValues() method:

            var kernel = new MoqMockingKernel();



            var abcRepo= kernel.GetMock<ABCRepository>();

            abcRepo.Setup(repo => repo.GetMyValues()).Returns("ABC");

//This is a static method I am using to initialize the kernel object, ABCToTest() method is using.

            var model= kernel.GetMock<ABCModel>().Object;


When I am trying to DEBUG/Run the Test, I can see, the GetMyValues() method call inside ABCTotTest is not returning "ABC" but NULL.

What's wrong I am doing with this implementation? Any suggestions and pointers are highly appreciated..

Thanks & Regards sumeet

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Looks like you've stumbled across the service locator anti-pattern (

You should change your ABCModel class so you inject an ABCRepository into the constructor:

private readonly IABCRepository repo;

public ABCModel(IABCRepository repo)
    this.repo = repo;

Then your unit test will look like this:

private Mock<IABCRepository> mockRepo;
private ABCModel model;

public void SetUp()
    mockRepo = new Mock<IABCRepository>();

    model = new ABCModel(mockRepo.Object);

public void ABCToTest_WhenCalled_CallsRepository

    mockRepo.Verify(a => a.GetMyValues(), Times.Once);
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