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I'm using GVim (ver 7.3.46) - saving a text file to a network folder, I keep getting this W11 error, and as far as I know no other process / application is changing the file, I suspect vim thinks it changed because of lag to saving it to the network drive, and it detects a different timestamp? In any case, I'd like to suppress this error (and only this error) - is this possible?

W11: Warning: File "foo.txt" has changed since editing started
See ":help W11" for more info.
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Have you read :help W11? –  mMontu Jul 11 '13 at 16:38

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When editing this file, set the autoread setting, so Vim will automatically reread it:

 :setl autoread

This can possibly be set via a modeline.

Another alternative is to set the buftype option for this file. But I am not sure, what other consequences this have, so I suspect this might have some side effects.


:h 'buftype'

For the possible values and their implications of the buftype option.

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Thanks, Christian, I added: set: autoread to my .gvimrc, as well as my below information. –  Eric Dorsey Jul 11 '13 at 20:56

Between Christian's suggestion of

:set autoread 

being added to my .gvimrc, as well as storing the backup and swap file local

:set backupdir=~/backup
:set directory=~/backup

seems to have resolved my issue.

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