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I have a Parent model, and a Child model. I'm trying to make a form for creating a Parent and its associated Children at the same time.

In my form, I have a button to "add" a new Child (a Parent can have as many Children as the user defines). When the button is clicked, it adds a hidden field for a Child to the form and sets its Name attribute to some default which will be saved when the form is eventually submitted. I've been doing this by adding a hidden_field_tag to the form on the button click event:

hidden_field_tag "parent[children_attributes][][name]", "something"

Which creates:

<input id="children_attributes__name" name="parent[children_attributes][][name]" type="hidden" value="something">

This seems to work! But I am concerned for the empty []. I'm not sure what it is or why it works, I just discovered that it does. Is it safe to use?

When I look at form fields created using fields_for, I see that it sets an numeric index for that middle array/hash (whatever it is), like so:

<input id="children_attributes_0_name" name="parent[children_attributes][0][name]" type="text">

Unfortunately, I can't use fields_for because I have to add the hidden fields only when the "add" button is clicked.

What's the right approach here?

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Your second question "What's the right approach here?"

I always use Ryan Bate's nested form. Sorts all this kind of stuff out for you.

Your First question "Is it safe to use?"

I dont know. If ever i have to do it manually, I make sure that its a unique value in [].

The gem i believe uses a timestamp to keep it unique.

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