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The following Graph API gets the first checkin for each friend. How do you get the last checkin?


Note that I can remove the limit but that is going to give me all the checkins which is not what I want.

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I think this will be helpfull: http://stackoverflow.com/a/7743148/775109

A graph Api request for that is the following

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You can try use checkin api by FQL. I see only one way: use multi query in one request:

1) select post_id from checkin table from your friends (author_uid) order by timestamp (desc)

2) select page_id from location_post table, where posts from query (1)

3) get pages info from table page where page_id is set from (2)

As result, you get last checkins, but issue: this checkins don't grouped by friends. For example, you can get last (by date) checkins, that have one user.

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