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I always get a 403 Forbidden response if I provide an API key within the map request; without specifying it everything goes well and I can get to the map. The problem is that I have to work with an API key in order to monitor usage and per-user quota.

Here's an example:|label:A|V.%20FALCONE%207%20CASALETTO%20LODIGIANO%20(LO)

In the example above I'm using a registered API Key configured in order to allow jsfiddle as a referer (I can attach a screenshot of the API Console if necessary). What am I doing wrong?


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I finally sorted things out, the problem was that I was subscribing to the "Google Maps API v2" service instead of "Static Maps API".

Switching them in the API console fixed the problem.

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I also had the same problem, and this was the exact fix. Google returns a 403 but with no other message as to why you got that error. – Mark Anderson Sep 25 '13 at 22:26

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