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I have a project that uses Python, Cython, and Kivy with source in Git. I would like to build to OSX (dmg), Windows (.exe + installer), and possibly Linux. Using the package instructions for Kivy (which relies on pyinstaller) I can build for OSX and Windows, but its manual, and I have to switch systems.

I'd like to

  • automate the steps for building using pyinstaller (and likely innosetup for windows)
  • not have this on my dev box
  • be inexpensive

I don't care to have the build system running all the time, I don't mind firing up something and running a script, but I don't want to have to remember the steps for each OS either.

Ideally there would be some magic cloud system that would run my build on the OS's and return the results, but that doesn't seem to exist.

I've looked at using paver/jenkins, using a windows azure cloud and not sure how to do this on OSX other than to use my dev box. Maybe Wine is an option? Obviously, this has been solved before, but build systems are not my forte, any advice appreciated.

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