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When I have a input such as a checkbox in the celltable cell, I noticed the cell actaully is clickable or focusable. If I click in the cell but outside of the checkbox, the cursor blinks there in the cell but ourside the checkbox. This behavior happens on all the cells with any inputs. or no inputs such as text only cell.

It is very anoying because, to toggle the checkbox, you have to click precisly on the little check box. Clicking anyware outside the checkbox but inside the cell will get the cell focused and cursor blinks there.

Any solutions?

below is an example of a checkbox rendered in a CellTable cell:

final CheckboxCell requiredCell = new CheckboxCell();
    Column<MyInfo, Boolean> requiredCol = new Column<MyInfo, Boolean>(requiredCell) {
        public Boolean getValue(MyInfo info) {
            return info.isRequired();
    cellTable.addColumn(requiredCol, "Required");
    cellTable.setColumnWidth(requiredCol, 10, com.google.gwt.dom.client.Style.Unit.PCT);
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You can override CheckboxCell.onBrowserEvent() and CheckboxCell.getConsumedEvents() to toggle the checkbox clicking anyware outside the checkbox but inside the cell. –  drafael Jul 15 '13 at 12:37
"Clicking anyware outside the checkbox but inside the cell will get the cell focused and cursor blinks there" The mouse cursor? –  user905374 Jul 22 '13 at 11:26

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You could add a click listener (or more precisely, a browser event listener that handles clicks) to your cell and just have it manually check the box.

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Neither the cell nor the column seems to consume the CLICK event. –  Tony Jul 20 '13 at 0:26
Check this guide. –  Marconius Jul 20 '13 at 2:19

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