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How do I commit files to TFS Version Control, using the Java SDK, but without having to create a workspace?

Having to create (and manipulate, then destroy) a workspace every time you want to do a simple TFS Version Control operation is complicated, time consuming and error-prone, so I would rather avoid that (it's especially challenging when an arbitrary number of processes may be performing different operations on different things at the same time).

I can enumerate and retrieve files just fine:

TFSTeamProjectCollection tpc = new TFSTeamProjectCollection(new URI("http://tfs/"), new DefaultNTCredentials());
VersionControlClient versionControlClient = tpc.getVersionControlClient();
Item item = versionControlClient.getItem("$/Project/some/file.txt", LatestVersionSpec.INSTANCE, DeletedState.NON_DELETED, true);
versionControlClient.downloadFileToStream(new DownloadSpec(item.getDownloadURL()), outputStream, true);

What about the reverse? Is there a way to push a file or changeset into TFS programmatically, without having to map a workspace?

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You can't. You need to always create a workspace first. Then batch the pending changes and then commit them. I suppose this is due to the fact that TFS will always commit all files at once when submitting multiple changes.

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Yes, you can, if you have the Item_ID and its changeset number:

VersionControlClient vcc = tpc.getVersionControlClient();
Item item = vcc.getItem(item_id, changeset);
String destinationFile = "\\\\server\\itemName.cs";
item.downloadFile(vcc, destinationFile);

Works fine for me with com.microsoft.tfs.sdk-11.0.0.jar This code downloads the given Item without create a workspace.

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This is the opposite: downloading a file from TFS to a filesystem. I want to check in changes without having to touch the file systems (i.e. upload things into TFS) – Adam Batkin Oct 18 '14 at 23:16
Sorry Adam, I got it wrong. So @jessehouwing is right, you need to create a workspace. I tried to retrieve the pending changes from an item (without create workspace) but none of Item's methods return a PendingChange or PendingSet. It would be very useful if it had. – Waldrich Oct 21 '14 at 17:08

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