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This is simple , I am assuming some flaws at my end. So I am using ftplib to access the Mainframe. After entering through credentials, I have to go in a certain DSNAME and see the list of the files under it..

The Code :


However I am getting error like :

error_perm: 550 No data sets found.
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After banging my head around here and there , I have finally found a solution. And I will try to be as verbose as I can since it might help others.

import ftplib

from ftplib import *

ftp = ftplib.FTP('xyz.tpt.com','abcdef','abcdef')



The last two commands gives the name of DSNAME's where you are currently. Both can be used interchangingly (is it a word !!!! )


Provides the name of "present working directory".


The above command will change the working direcoty. Please please use the quotes inside quotes.


See the file listing........

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