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I need to find a formula that I can use for any number, and have it output a number identified to correspond to that range.

For instance, I need to be able to input:

A number >2.50 and <7.49, and the formula spit out $0.05

A number >7.50 and <24.49, and the formula spit out $0.10

A number >25.00 and <74.99 and the formula spit out $0.50, and so on/so forth.

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If you want to have a set of pre-defined values that you output as you showed in your example then I would use =VLOOKUP() like this:

enter image description here

Using this you can set what your desired output is in the table. Now I cannot tell if there is a pre-defined pattern you are using to determine your outputs, if so a simple math algorithm might make more sense than this.

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It is possible to do this in a single formula:


You'll have to jiggle about with the cut-off points as you haven't stated clearly where the between values should fall, and what happens with larger or smaller values.

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