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Suppose there are 3 web pages, page A,page B and page C.

Page A:

This page only has a URL to page B.

Page B

This is the page that asks for user-name and password for access to Page C.

Page C

This is the page with some random user specific data.


If I know the user-name and password ,how can go from Page A to C directly without having to manually enter in the details at Page B.

I am assuming that I have no idea about how(GET,POST) input parameters are passed from Page B. How can I automate this task (for example using javascript ). Using any automation tool for such small task would be overkill.

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set a session variable and on page b check for session variable and based on it, keep the user on page b or redirect the user to page c –  user1 Jul 11 '13 at 18:24
or a cookie. It's not overkill when it is necessary –  Kai Qing Jul 11 '13 at 18:25

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Do something like this: [page 1]-

function assignwebStorage()
var a=document.getElementsByTagName("input")[0].value;
var b=document.getElementsByTagName("input")[1].value;
<form action="page2.htm" onsubmit="assignwebStorage()">
Username:<input type="text"></input><br>
Password:<input type="password"></input><br>
<input type="submit" value="Proceed"></input></form>

[page 2]-

if(typeof localStorage.username=="undefined" && typeof localStorage.password=="undefined")
document.write("<form action='page3.htm' onsubmit='assignvalue()'>Username:<input type='text'></input><br>Password:<input type='password'></input><br><input type='submit' value='Submit'></input></form>");
function assignvalue()

[page 3]-

<body style="background:black">
//use webStorage variables anywhere but after that
delete localStorage.username;
delete localStorage.password;
//if any time user directly opens file 2 without opening file1

It will surely solve your problem.

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You can use sessionStorage in place of localStorage in this case.It would be better as you wont need to use delete prop as in page3 –  chetan mehta Jul 11 '13 at 20:50

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