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i'm trying to compile directive via angular service but unfortunately it doesn't work. The idea is to show errors in popups.

I've modified $exceptionHandler service:

crm.factory('$exceptionHandler', function(popup) {
    return function(exception) {
        popup.open({message: exception});

The popup service looks like this:

crm.factory('popup', function ($document) {
    return {
        open: function (data) {
            var injector = angular.element(document).injector(),
                $compile = injector.get('$compile'),
                template = angular.element('<popup></popup>');

            // var ctmp = $compile(template.contents());


And i don't think that this was a good idea to hard code $compile service (but i haven't any ideas how to realize this in angular):

$compile = injector.get('$compile')

Popup directive:

crm.directive('popup', function () {
    return {
        restrict: 'E',
        replace: true,
        templateUrl: '/public/js/templates/common/popup.html',
        link: function() {
        coltroller: function () {

May be there are some other ways to do this? Thanks.

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You can inject $compile directly into your service, also you're not quite using $compile correctly:

//commented alternative lines for allowing injection and minification since reflection on the minified code won't work
//crm.factory('popup', ['$document', '$compile', function ($document, $compile) {
crm.factory('popup', function ($document, $compile) {
    return {
        open: function (data) {
            var template = angular.element('<popup></popup>'),
                compiled = $compile(template);

//closing bracket for alternative definition that allows minification
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nope, i can't use it directly. The error looks like: "Uncaught Error: Circular dependency: $compile <- popup <- $exceptionHandler <- $rootScope" –  user2573863 Jul 11 '13 at 19:51
Doesn't work in Angular 1.2, it asks for the scope as a parameter –  perrohunter Jun 10 at 0:09
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