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When I need to change a text within a span element, which one should I use and what is the difference:

var spnDetailDisplay=document.getElementById('spnDetailDisplay');


 var spnDetailDisplay=document.getElementById('spnDetailDisplay');
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For elements with text content, they're the same. See this MDC article for information on nodeValue.

From this article:

If the element has no sub-elements, just text, then it (normally) has one child node, accessed as ElemRef.childNodes[0]. In such precise case, the W3C web standards equivalent of ElemRef.innerText is ElemRef.childNodes[0].nodeValue.

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  • nodeValue is standard recommendation W3C.
  • innerText is Internet Explorer specific, not the standard. And:
    • Does not return content of <script> and <style>.
    • Style awareness, does not return text of hidden elements.
    • CSS styling awareness, it will trigger a reflow.

In general, they are similar, but if you need the best performance, nodeValue should be used.

Link for performance test:

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