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I've set up Scala project using Maven. It does not compile however. I get strange errors like something very basic is missing. Some of them are:

[ERROR] /home/victor/Work/Projects/Own/Scraper/src/main/scala/me/crawler/Node.scala:17: error: not found: type Map
[INFO]   var attributes: Map[String, String] = null
[INFO]                   ^
[ERROR] /home/victor/Work/Projects/Own/Scraper/src/main/scala/me/crawler/CompanySiteEmailCrawlerController.scala:137: error: not found: type Set
[INFO]   private def addEmailToCompanyList(harvestedRecordsCompanyList: List[Company], company: Company, emailSet: Set[String],[INFO]                                                                                                             ^
[ERROR] /home/victor/Work/Projects/Own/Scraper/src/main/scala/me/crawler/CompanySiteEmailCrawlerController.scala:186: error: value toInt is not a member of String
[INFO]       lineFrom = args(3).toInt
[INFO]                          ^
[ERROR] /home/victor/Work/Projects/Own/Scraper/src/main/scala/me/crawler/crawler4j/Crawler4jAdaptee.scala:25: error: not found: value classOf
[INFO]   private val log: Logger = Logger.getLogger(classOf[Crawler4jAdaptee])
[INFO]                                              ^
[ERROR] /home/victor/Work/Projects/Own/Scraper/src/main/scala/me/crawler/crawler4j/Crawler4jAdaptee.scala:126: error: not found: type Map
[INFO]       val attributesMap: Map[String, String] = => (a.getKey, a.getValue)).toMap
[INFO]                          ^

So Map and Set collections are not fount and toInt method doesn't work for Strings. In my pom.xml I have:



        <name>Scala Tools</name>
        <name>Scala Tools</name>

The same errors I get when I run it in Idea, although the IDE does not complain about the code, only the compiler does. I am quite new to Scala. Can you please help me out here?

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Something similar is with for cycles. I can't use for (i <- 1 to 10) instead I have to use for (i <- Range(0, 10)), otherwise I get the error to is not a member of Int. – Vic Jul 15 '13 at 19:45

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Importing scala.collection.immutable solved the problems with collections, for the classOf problem I found a workaround - using getClass instead. toInt problem remains unsolved. There is a workaround though - using the exact code from that definition: java.lang.Integer.parseInt. I have a feeling that this is also a problem with imports.

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