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I'm profiling a program on Linux, using the "time" command. The problem is it's output is not very statistically relevant as it does only run the program once. Is there a tool or a way to get an average of several "time" runs? Possibly aswel together with statistical information such as deviation?

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You can get extra information from time, running time -v ${program}. Still, it does not produce statiscally relevant data, but you may run it in a for loop, and parse the results. Other than this, you may use profilers like gprof and others. –  Rubens Jul 11 '13 at 19:21
Do you have the source code? If you do, take the body of main and wrap it in a loop to execute it 1000 times. Then divide the time by 1000. –  Mike Dunlavey Jul 11 '13 at 23:40

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Like the commenter above mentioned, it sounds like you may want to use a loop to run your program multiple times, to get more data points. You can use the time command with the -o option to output the results of the time command to a text file, like so: time -o output.txt myprog

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