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I have this php to grab data from google servers about specific geolocation.

if ($_GET['latitude'] AND $_GET['longitude']) {
    $lat = $_GET['latitude'];
    $lng = $_GET['longitude'];
    echo json_encode(reverse_geocode($lat,$lng));

//Get STATE from Google GeoData
function reverse_geocode($lat,$lng) {
    $url = "http://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/geocode/json?latlng=$lat,$lng&sensor=false";
    $result = file_get_contents("$url");
    $json = json_decode($result);
    foreach ($json->results as $result) {
        foreach($result->address_components as $addressPart) {
            if((in_array('locality', $addressPart->types)) && (in_array('political', $addressPart->types))) {
                $city = $addressPart->long_name;
            else if((in_array('administrative_area_level_1', $addressPart->types)) && (in_array('political', $addressPart->types))) {
                $state = $addressPart->long_name;
            else if((in_array('country', $addressPart->types)) && (in_array('political', $addressPart->types))) {
                $country = $addressPart->long_name;
            else if(in_array('route', $addressPart->types)) {
                $street = $addressPart->long_name;
            else if(in_array('street_number', $addressPart->types)) {
                $street_number = $addressPart->long_name;
            else if(in_array('postal_code', $addressPart->types)) {
                $postal_code = $addressPart->long_name;

    //return $address;
    return array('country' => $country, 'state' => $state, 'city' => $city, 'street' => $street_number . " " . $street, 'zip' => $postal_code);

For ?latitude=49.260441796677014&longitude=-123.12049284766846

This returns:

{"country":"Canada","state":"British Columbia","city":"Vancouver","street":"706-750 West 12th Avenue","zip":"V5Z"}

Notice zip, it is 3 letter prefix of postal code, not real postal code. Why is this happening? In original json data it seemed I had full postal code. Uncomment print_r($addressPart); to see what I'm talking about.

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The $addressPart where the postal_code has been taken from contains the type postal_code, but when you inspect the response you'll see that it also contains the type postal_code_prefix.... and that's what you got. Skip the $addressPart when the types contains postal_code_prefix

else if(in_array('postal_code', $addressPart->types) 
         && !in_array('postal_code_prefix', $addressPart->types)){
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