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I need to produce several ERM, DMD and ORM diagrams for several projects I am working on. Obviously I'd like them to be a sleek and professional as possible, and while a simple Google search provides a plethora of options, they're all pay-for-use.

Are there any free (or open source) diagram creators available for Mac OSX which produce "sexy-enough" diagrams suitable and professional enough for use in client-accessible specification documents?

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If you like latex, you might have a look at pgf. It generated the best looking chart I know, and the resulting files are very small.

But it does require a big learning curve and might not be what you are looking for.

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How about Dia? It is designed to be similar to Visio, although slightly less business oriented. For Mac, you can get a Darwin Ports version or compile it from source, but this isn't always easy.

You should also check this other SO thread.

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Also xMind it is awesome. By far the best one I've seen - as an added benefit it is also Cross Platform.

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