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Imagine if I have in a text something like [a href="this-is-a-very-big-link"]this is ok[/a] (switch < and > with [ and ])... And also this-is-a-very-big-word.

I need to cut the second case in two lines...

Notice wordwrap kills the link so it is not useful for solving this sort of problem.

Any idea?

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What do you mean wordwrap kills the link? –  jtbandes Nov 19 '09 at 0:50

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word-wrap: break-word;
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Decided to use the breakLongWords() function found on the www.php.net/wordwrap

I know using word-wrap: break-word; would be better, but as I tried right now I saw that Firefox doesn't implement it yet, so I guess I'll have to keep it on the server-side...

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