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I want to use +pad to add some padding on a p. When I try to add the padding by using +pad the p extends past the place I want the p element to stop. Here is a screen shot of what I mean

enter image description here

You can see the p with the yellow background extending past the middle of the 9th column which is where the pictures stop. I would like the p to stop there. When I use +pad it always extends it. Same thing happens with +prefix

Here is my Susy code:

@import compass
@import compass/css3
@import compass/layout
@import compass/utilities/lists/bullets
@import susy
@import normalize
@import base
@import media 

/* Susy Settings */

// $total-columns  : 5            
// $column-width   : 4em            
// $gutter-width   : 1em           
// $grid-padding   : $gutter-width

$total-columns  : 4
$column-width   : 60px            
$gutter-width   : 20px           
$grid-padding   : $gutter-width

$container-style: fluid

$tablet : 9
$desktop : 14

// Susy-grid-background override to draw out horizontal lines
  +grid-background($total-columns, $column-width, $gutter-width, $base-line-height, $gutter-width, $force-fluid: true)          
/* -------------------DESKTOP ----------------------------------*/


    position: fixed
    left: 0
    right: 0
    top: 0
    height: 0
    padding-top: 0
    z-index: 3

      font-size: 12px
      // background: green
      margin-top: 0

        // +span-columns(2)

          // background: red
          float: right
          width: 97px
          height: 38px

      clear: both
      // background: rgba(150,200,250,.3)

        margin-bottom: 1em
        float: right
        clear: both
          padding: 5px

    +span-columns(12 omega)
    // +leader(2)
    z-index: 1
    position: relative
    // background: rgba(1,240,200,.3)

      +span-columns(10, 14)
      padding: 1em 0

    // p
    //   +span-columns(4 omega, 14)

      +span-columns(10, 14)
      // clear: both

      +span-columns(5, 14)

    +isolate-grid(4, 12)
    +fluid-ratio(1/1, columns(4,12))

    margin: 0 1em
    // background: pink
    height: 80px   
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Could you please share both HTML and SASS via sassbin.com ? Don't copy your whole project, only the part relevant to the question. –  lolmaus - Andrey Mikhaylov Jul 11 '13 at 20:11

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A few things:

  1. Unless you use the border-box box-sizing model, padding is added to a span width. If you want an outer span of 9, with a prefix of 1, you need to span 8 and add the prefix.

  2. Relative padding is based on the parent element width, not the current element, so span-columns and pad or prefix should always be passed the same context argument. Currently, this is wrong:

      +span-columns(10, 14)
      padding: 1em 0

    it should be:

      +span-columns(10, 14)
      padding: 1em 0
      +prefix(1, 14)

It's not clear in your example what code is applied to the p in question, so very hard to know if I'm actually answering the question, but I hope that helps.

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