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I have two animations of for the same circle simply getting big then small. This repeats until a timer runs out. This works. They're defined recursively, a bit out of my league. The problem is getting it to change the speed while animating. I've removed the irrelevant code, including the timer, and simplified the interface to three buttons:

1) starts /stops

2) speeds up

3) slows down

It works for changing the inner defined function, but not the outer. I can't figure out WHY. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Please note my comment, which SOLVES it. My understanding of computer science principles is not amazing. I tried using Chrome's inspector to view the stack, but couldn't see anything, and wouldn't know what I was doing anyways.

var IN_DURATION = 3000;   
var OUT_DURATION = 5000;

var anim_inhale = Raphael.animation({
    transform: "S " + 2.2 + " " + 2.2 + "  T +"+(-320*2.2)+" "+(-240*2.2),
    fill: "#0f0"
}, IN_DURATION , "linear", function () {

        transform: "",
        fill: "#00f"
    }, OUT_DURATION , "linear", function () {




I've provided a working JSFiddle

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My friend showed me, he solved it instantly. All he did was just add console.log(anim_inhale); then looked in Chrome Inspector seeing this, then proceeded to add code = IN_DURATION; which fixed it. Updated JSFiddle here. So this solves the short-term problem but I still want to understand why for the future. – Ian Nastajus Jul 12 '13 at 14:14

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