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I think I already know the answer to this question, but checking here just to be sure. One of our developers was seeing a bug that no one else was seeing. When uploading .xls and .ppt files, one of our MediaTypeFormatters was showing him a Content-Type header of application/octet-stream. The rest of us were seeing application/vnd.ms-excel and application/vnd.ms-powerpoint (respectively for the xls and ppt files). After a bit of head scratching, I asked the other dev if he had MS Office installed, which he did not. The rest of us do have MS Office installed.

I suppose it makes sense that the browser would only be aware of these content types if another piece of software on the machine is registered to handle them, but none of us are really sure how the browser decides which content-type header to send. Looking for an authoritative explanation to confirm my suspicion.


This developer is getting the same behavior with doc, docx, xlsx, and pptx files as he is getting with the xls and ppt's -- they are uploading as application/octet-stream.

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