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So I've read up on many guides on how to include assets in a Rails Gem. My question surrounds wanting to have backwards compatibility for my Gem. I would like to support Rails both the latest version, and Rails 3.0 and before, a time before the assets pipelines was around.

How can I have my gem place it's javascripts in the correct location (it used to be in /public/javascripts and now it should be /app/assets/javascripts).

What is the best way to detect the Rails version, and place it accordingly?


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=> "3.2.13"

=> 3

=> 2

In Rails 2/3.0, you can add a rails generator to copy your javascript and stylesheets to the public directory.

Whereas in Rails >= 3.1, it would be available by default in the asset folders, you can have them:

rails g yourgem:install

and write that generator to create the files in public.

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Do you have an example of using generators to move javascripts for Rails 3.0 style? A link would be very appreciated. – Xiv Jul 11 '13 at 22:19 works on rails 3.0 (earlier and you'll have to google) – Jesse Wolgamott Jul 11 '13 at 23:29

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