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I'm new on Breezee, I'm looking the examples and Breezee has good support for EntityFramework.

readonly EFContextProvider<TodosContext> _contextProvider =
new EFContextProvider<TodosContext>();

// ~/breeze/todos/Metadata
public string Metadata() {
    return _contextProvider.Metadata();

But actually my data model is LinqToSql. Can I use Breezee with LinqToSql? How do I configure the metadata?


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You will need to either

1) construct the metadata yourself on the server in json format and return that. See Metadata format.


2) create the metadata on the client using the MetadataStore api and then configure your dataservice so that it does not expect server side metadata. The Edmunds example in the Breeze zip shows an example of doing something like this.

    var dataService = new DataService({
        serviceName: "MyServiceName",
        hasServerMetadata: false

    ver myEntityManager = new EntityManager({
        dataService: dataService,
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