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I am working on the Android ICS AOSP for Android emulator.

When I compile and create an Android image and load it using the Android SDK (emulator), I can see the set of devices under /dev/; but when I look at the <AOSP>/out/target/product/generic/root/dev/ folder it's empty.

How does this /dev/ folder get these devices during boot up time? Is there a configuration file in the <AOSP>/system/ folder which helps it to populate the list of devices?

Also, what if I want to update or add more devices, e.g. /dev/block/sda1, so that I can mount another QEMU raw image as sda1 or similar? I can see the emulator under -qemu as -hda/-hdb file use 'file' as IDE hard disk 0/1 image, which I can use.

Are all the QEMU options working in the Android emulator?

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