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I know that these errors have come up with some regularity but so far none of the solutions I have found have worked.

First of all, I am trying to get this to work in Linux, specifically lubuntu 12.10. I already did it in Windows and it worked fine. The only difference I see so far is that "android configurator for M2E" appears in my installed software listing in windows, but not in Linux. However when I check the Marketplace in Eclipse it says it has been installed.

I am looking at the Factual API and want to run their Android SDK demo project. They recommend using maven and I thought this would help, so I downloaded m2e and the android m2e plugin from the Android Marketplace. However, when I try to import this project I get errors. If I import it as a maven project I am told:

No marketplace entries found to handle android-maven-plugin:3.1.1:generate-sources in Eclipse. Please see Help for more information.

No marketplace entries found to handle android-maven-plugin:3.1.1:proguard in Eclipse. Please see Help for more information.

and it asks me if I want to resolve them later. If I continue with the import I get the error in the pom file:

Multiple annotations found at this line:

  • Plugin execution not covered by lifecycle configuration: 3.1.1:generate-sources (execution: default-generate-sources, phase: generate- sources)

  • Plugin execution not covered by lifecycle configuration: 3.1.1:proguard (execution: default-proguard, phase: process-classes)

and this occurs at the line :


I get this same error in pom.xml when I import the project as an Android project with existing code, then went to Configure->Convert to maven project as suggested here:

Does anyone know why this might happen? That would be nice to know as well, some of the other questions have had lots of ideas but absolutely no explanation about why they might work which has made it difficult for a maven newb like myself to figure out why they are being suggested, or whether they have any hope in succeeding.

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Additionally I cannot uninstall the configurator either, even though I tried this it still appears in the marketplace as installed. – Travis Jul 11 '13 at 23:21

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