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I'm learning breeze nowadays and I'm having a problem with breeze using OData, when I add a new entity, the entity is added to the local cache well but the server receives nothing! notes: 1-I don't use entity framework 2-I use wcf services

My model:

    public class Client : EntityBase
        public Client()


        public new int Id { get; set; }


        public String nom {get;set}

        public Adresse adresse { get; set; }

my controller

    public class ClientController : EntitySetController<Client, int>

        public override IQueryable<Client> Get()
            return new Clients(MyProxy.GetAllClients()).AsQueryable<Client>();



      protected override Client CreateEntity( Client client)
            return client;

my viewModel

var myDataService = new breeze.DataService({
        serviceName: 'odata',
        hasServerMetadata: false

    var myMetadataStore = new breeze.MetadataStore();
    var entityManager = new breeze.EntityManager({
    dataService: myDataService,
metadataStore: myMetadataStore

   var et = new breeze.EntityType({
        shortName: "Client",
        namespace: "MyNameSpace",
         autoGeneratedKeyType: breeze.AutoGeneratedKeyType.Identity,
        defaultResourceName: "Clients"
    et.addProperty(new breeze.DataProperty({
        name: "Id",
            dataType: breeze.DataType.Int32,
            isNullable: false,
        isPartOfKey: true
    et.addProperty(new breeze.DataProperty({
        name: "Nom",
        dataType: breeze.DataType.String
  myMetadataStore.setEntityTypeForResourceName("Client", et);
var etType = myMetadataStore.getEntityType('Client');
   var newTag = etType.createEntity();
  newTag.Nom = "James";

   if (entityManager.hasChanges() == true) {
       var option = new breeze.SaveOptions({ resourceName: 'Clients' });
       entityManager.saveChanges(null, option)

                .fail(function (e) {

   } else {
       alert("Nothing to save");

help me please

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You did not post the code of savaChanges method, I think your problem is in this method

If this is the case you can find the answer here Saving Changes using breeze without Entity Framework

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thank you this solve my problem –  james Jul 22 '13 at 12:59

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