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I am working a lot on stored procedures so I wrote a little ditty for listing them nicely in vim.

How can I run this when vim starts, I know I could put this function in vimrc. But I really want to know why I cant achieve this.

/usr/bin/vimx -c "so:'/home/brett/.vim/autoload/testfu'" | call' Myproc1()'

I've sat here all night to no avail... there must be away here is the function. I Hope this helps someone... I'm just learning

function! Myproc1()
    exec "silent !sudo rm storedproc.sql"
    exec "silent !sudo touch storedproc.sql"
    exec "silent !sudo chmod ao+wr storedproc.sql"
    exec "e storedproc.sql"
r !mysql -uroot -ppass sas -e 'SELECT name FROM mysql.proc;'
    normal! gg /name<CR>n|dd
    %normal! I mysql -uroot -ppass sas -e 'SHOW CREATE PROCEDURE 
    normal! ggdd0 
    %normal A\G'
    normal! G
    let lastline = line(".")
    exec "1,".lastline."!sh"
    exec "normal! gg03ddIDELIMITER $$\r"
    exec "g/1. row/.,+2d|norm! ODELIMITER $$"
    exec '%s/^\s\+//|%s/\r//'
    exec "g/Create/norm! 010dw ICREATE "
    exec "g/character_set_client/.,+2d|norm! IEND $$\rDELIMITER ;\r\r"
    normal! gg0jddGddkkp
    normal gg=G
    exec "w!"

here is my attempt to call it

vim  -c" so:/home/brett/.vim/autoload/testfu"+"call Myproc()"

Is there any way I can neaten this up?

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Without the error message. I can't do much. It looks like your quotes are mismatched. In the first one, It also looks like the pipe might go to the shell instead of vim. – FDinoff Jul 12 '13 at 0:08

Your original attempt was close. You've got some unnecessary quoting and a misplaced colon. The following should work:

vim -c "source /home/brett/.vim/autoload/testfu | call Myproc1()"
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can i ask a question is the any way to make this command into a bash command alais.. here is what im trying to do if [ -e /usr/bin/vimx ]; then alias vimp='/usr/bin/vimx echo +"call "so /home/brett/.vim/autoload/testfu"+"call Myproc()"'; fi im so close – Brett Jul 12 '13 at 1:13
source is a vim command. You do not need to call it. alias vimp="vim -c 'source /home/brett/.vim/autoload/testfu | call Myproc1()'" should work. – Randy Morris Jul 12 '13 at 1:20
It keeps telling me it has unexpected end of file here is my exact string if [ -e /usr/bin/vimx ]; then alias vimp='/usr/bin/vimx 'source /home/brett/.vim/autoload/testfu | call Myproc1()' "fi"; – Brett Jul 12 '13 at 1:54
Im really new to playing around with bash files I keep getting this error nomatter what i do bash: /home/brett/.bashrc: line 10: syntax error near unexpected token (' bash: /home/brett/.bashrc: line 10: if [ -e /usr/bin/vimx ]; then alias vimp='vim -c 'source /home/brett/.vim/autoload/testfu | call Myproc1()';' fi' What am i doing wrong? – Brett Jul 12 '13 at 2:23

ok i found the answer hope this helps someone

vim +"call so /home/brett/.vim/autoload/testfu" +"call Myproc()"

That got me working 2 call instead of one ;; taa daah!

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