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Im trying to make a site compatible with IE8. It all looks good save one image not scaling. Any suggestions for a possible fix? Heres the appropriate code. The large picture is the one giving me issues

<div class = 'picture-container' id = 'pc1'>
    <div class = 'large-picture' id = 'lp1'>
        <figure style = 'float:left;max-width:45%;height:auto'>
            <img src = 'make-up_artist_dupontstudios.png' width = '100%' height = '100%' class = 'no-mobile'>
            <figcaption class = 'red-cap'>Our Set-Up</figcaption>
        <div class = 'picture-content'>
            <div class = 'picture-title'>BOUTIQUE PRODUCTION STUDIO</div>
            <div class = 'picture-text'>We built a boutique full service production studio that allows for
                one, two and three person filmed interviews and conversations.
                We have studio lights, a three camera set-up and remote
                monitoring. Additionally, our Infinity Wall creates a clean and
                professional look that allows the film to be about the message.</div>
            <div class = 'small-picture'>
                <img src = 'hair_and_makeup_dupontstudios.png' width = '175' height = '100'>
            <div class = 'small-picture'>
                <img src = 'infinity_wall_dupontstudios.png' width = '175' height = '100'>
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Which image? I see several. – smilebomb Jul 12 '13 at 0:17
Nevermind, didn't realize 'large' was the containing div class. – smilebomb Jul 12 '13 at 0:19
Need more information. How about a URL? – PHPglue Jul 12 '13 at 0:20

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