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I have tried to use a function to load the path to a template into an ng-include directive. I hoped that the argument to my function would render due to its insertion in ng-include. But it doesn't work. Here is what I have so far:


<div ng-include="'{{content}}'"></div>
<div ng-click="showContent('views/my_content.html')">


$scope.showContent = function(attrs){
    $scope.content = attrs;

When I click on the div that has ng-click I can see that {{content}} has been replaced with the template path, but the template itself is not included (i.e., it is not rendered on the page). Is there a way that I can force the template to render?

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ng-include does not work like this.

What you need to do is either write another directive that will fetch and show content for you. You could also use $routeProvider to change the url and have it include a template URL.

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Instead of this

<div ng-include="'{{content}}'"></div>

use this

<div ng-include="content"></div>

and the template would get rendered.

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