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I'm having some trouble updating the text the countdown timer in my program prints onto the canvas. Below is the code which I am currently using but it leaves the area where the text should be blank. I've tried placing it in various different places which either has no effect or it has the same one I described above. If I don't have a canvas.delete function in it then the timer text will just write the new time on top of itself.

def cdtimerr():
    global cdtimer
    cdtimer -= 1
    cdtext = canvas.create_text(510, 6, text=cdtimer, font="Ubuntu 29 bold", anchor = NW) 
    if cdtimer == 0 :
        canvas.after(1000, cdtimerr)
        canvas.after(1000, canvas.delete(cdtext)

Also how would I go about terminating the timer prematurely if I pressed an exit button on the canvas which loads another screen. Currently if I load another screen the timer still continues.

Thanks for reading.

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your indentation is messed up in your code sample. Is all that code part of cdtimer, or is some of it at the global scope? –  Bryan Oakley Jul 13 '13 at 2:56
I think it got messed up after I had copied it to my question because it is indented correctly and works in pydev.. fixed it now though, didn't notice it before. –  ThatsNotMyName Jul 13 '13 at 6:20
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To cancel timer. Save return value of after, call after_cancel with saved value.

from Tkinter import *

remain = 11
_timer = None
def cdtimerr():
    global remain, _timer
    remain -= 1
    cdtext = canvas.create_text(510, 6, text=remain, font="Ubuntu 29 bold", anchor=NW) 
    if remain == 0:
        _timer = canvas.after(1000, lambda: (canvas.delete(cdtext), cdtimerr()))

root = Tk()
canvas = Canvas(root)
canvas.pack(expand=1, fill=BOTH)
_timer = canvas.after(0, cdtimerr)
Button(root, text='Cancel', command=lambda: canvas.after_cancel(_timer)).pack()
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Thanks for your answer, was able to make it work perfectly in the program. –  ThatsNotMyName Jul 12 '13 at 7:22
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