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I have 3 php files.

  • file1.php contains PHP + HTML design and jQuery scripts.
  • file2.php contains just PHP and mySQL processing
  • file3.php generates a PDF using TCPDF, based on 2 variables that it receives in $_REQUEST, and displays the resulting PDF

    1. I call from a button in file1.php a $.post towards file2.php.
    2. Some data processing happens in file2.php (mysql inserts and updates) and I obtain var1 and var2.
    3. When processing is done in file2.php I want to go and display the PDF that is created by file3.php based on var1 and var2

So the jQuery code in file1.php where I call post is:

        $("#saveinv").click(function() { // button is clicked
            var listview_array = new Array();
            // here I populate the array with values then...
               {json: JSON.stringify(listview_array)}, 

In file2.php there is nothing to see. After much processing, I end up with 2 variables that help me call the file3.php

file3.php must be called with 2 params: var1 and var2 so something like:


But I have no idea where to place the call or what exact syntax to use. I tried different solutions without success. Maybe I was doing it wrong and you can help me.

  • I tried to place at the end of file2.php a header('Location: file3.php?var1=5&var2=77');
  • I tried to :

    • add at the end of file2.php the line : return 'file3.php?var1=5&var2=77';
    • then replace the alert('success') in file1.php with window.location = data.redirect but I keep getting redirected to "undefined".
  • If I do window.location='file3.php?var1=5&var2=77' in file1.php then all works perfect, but I need those variables to be sent from file2.php. They are not constants.

What should I do, and where?

Thank you

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If you want to redirect to another file, there is no reason to use ajax, the only thing you will be doing, is making 2 requests to the server instead of one. You should do a normal (non-ajax) post and combine file2 and file3. – jeroen Jul 12 '13 at 2:16
I went with your idea even though the other comments seemed also viable. However I cannot accept your answer unless you make it and answer instead of a comment – user1137313 Jul 12 '13 at 6:01

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Just put your result as JSON in file2.php:

echo '({"var1":"1","va2":"2"})';

where you get it as data inside your ajax callback function in file1.php, then use eval

var args = eval(data);
window.location = 'file3.php?var1=' + args.var1 + '&var2=' + args.var2;
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add at the end of file2.php the line : return 'file3.php?var1=5&var2=77';

You cannot use return, just use print or echo and it should work.

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