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I would like to make a snippet that makes an HTML table.

Here are some examples of things to type :

table name address city - table team wins losses draws - table views clicks clickthrough

This is what I want it to output : a table with a columns for each of the fields (with 'table' triggering the snippet).

I'd also like to run these field names through a function to transform them (for example to field names - "First Name" -> 'first_name'.

Is this possible? How would I do it?

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I didn't get the first question but "First Name" -> "first_name" is CaseConversion plugins' job – Taylan Jul 12 '13 at 8:05
I mean I want to type 'table city address state' and have it expand into an html table where the row says 'city' 'address' and 'state' in each cell. – Padraig Jul 12 '13 at 13:33
From what I've seen, you can't do loops in snippets, you could in a python plugin, however. But, there is probably a better way to accomplish what you are trying to do. – d_rail Jul 21 '13 at 0:17
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Not exactly what you want, but I would go with Emmet (here is a handy cheet sheet). There is a Sublime package available, so it's easy to install. It might be a little overwhelming at first, but once you start to use it, you will get the hang of it and it will speed up your html/css production.

Type table>tr*3>th and hit tab at the end. This will produce:


Then you can tab to the ths to type in your column headers.

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