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i've tried to parse a mailto url which contains Japanese or Chinese characters by using MailTo.parse(url) but it return null. it's ok with English characters. How do I resolve that? There's my code and logcat:

try {
                    url = URLDecoder.decode(url,"UTF-8");
                } catch (UnsupportedEncodingException e) {
                    // TODO Auto-generated catch block
                Log.d(TAG, "url:    " + url);
                MailTo mt = MailTo.parse(url);
                Log.d(TAG, "body:    " + mt.getBody());
                Log.d(TAG, "subject: " + mt.getSubject());
07-12 12:50:34.861: D/Fbaku(9484): url:    mailto:?subject=幕末の時代を生き抜け!&body=iPhoneとiPod Touch対応の風雲幕末史を一緒にやりませんか?

07-12 12:50:34.861: D/Fbaku(9484): subject: null
07-12 12:50:34.861: D/Fbaku(9484): body:    null

Edit: sorry, my mailto url contains a link in body like this: http://stackoverflow.com/posts/17607307

So MailTo.parse(url).getBody() and MailTo.parse(url).getSubject() return NULL

How can i fix it?

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try by using toString() method

so change

Log.d(TAG, "body:    " + mt.getBody());
Log.d(TAG, "subject: " + mt.getSubject());


Log.d(TAG, "body:    " + mt.getBody().toString());
Log.d(TAG, "subject: " + mt.getSubject().toString());
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