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Is there any better way (easy) to reference the Google Play Services lib(.jar) than, importing the Google Play Services project from Android SDK directory into Current project's Eclipse workspace?

P.s.:- Because this is bit confusing for a novice android developer!!! Thanks for your advice in Advance!

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You can find the .jar file inside the libs folder of imported library(...\android-sdk\extras\google\google_play_services\libproject\google-play-services_lib\libs).

But referencing only that jar file may be improper. I tried to do so for google maps, but didn't work. Suggested way is to import that library project to the workspace and refer the whole.

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Yap, that's right reffering that imported project as a library isn't it? There was a little work around and that twisted my head! Thanks! Any suggestions? –  Kasun Randika Jul 12 '13 at 4:45

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