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demand.lm = lm(y ~ X, data = Data) 
X = model.matrix(demand.lm)[, -1]
demand.leaps1 = summary(regsubsets(X, Data$Y,data=Data, nbest = 3))
Subsets <- demand.leaps1$which
RSS <- demand.leaps1$rss
adjr2 <- demand.leaps1$adjr2
cp <- demand.leaps1$cp
bic <- demand.leaps1$bic
Subsets1 <- cbind(as.data.frame(Subsets), RSS=RSS,adjR2=adjr2,cp=cp,BIC=bic)

Now my Subset1 data frame has columns that i wanted except AIC How to get AIC with the BIC i have for all Subset Models

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As described here, you can get it relative to the BIC:

n <- length(Data$Y)
p <- apply(demand.leaps1$which, 1, sum)
aic <- demand.leaps1$bic - log(n) * p + 2 * p
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Got it - but little confused on how to get the ordering right(for Subsets1) with high adjR2 ,Low AIC and cp =p –  user1179919 Jul 12 '13 at 4:49
What do you mean the "ordering"? –  David Robinson Jul 12 '13 at 5:19

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