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I have got a text area and a function that splits the pasted content based on the spaces between content elements and turns them into labels one by one:

Say I have the following content to be pasted:

1234,john smith, 4312,jack gold, 5678,Brian,

and obviously I use

$('#testArea').on("paste", ".maininput", function (event) {
     var text = $(element).val();
     var contentArray = text.split(" ");

The result should be 3 labels with the following format (users mobile number,full name, email)

But because of the fact that there are spaces between firstname and lastname I am not able to get the right result.

What I am trying to achieve is sort of escaping the spaces when its between first and last name.

has anyone got any idea how to do it?

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you missed ')' in last of you code. – Mota Chuha Jul 12 '13 at 5:34

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Don't split on spaces. Instead, scan for what you want:

var s = "1234,john smith, 4312,jack gold, 5678,Brian,"
var lines = s.match(/\S[^,]+,[^,]+,[^ ]+/g)
for (var i=lines.length;i--;){
// ["5678", "Brian", ""]
// ["4312", "jack gold", ""]
// ["1234", "john smith", ""]

That regex says:

  • Find something other than whitespace
  • Followed by one or more things that are not a comma
    • Followed by a comma
  • Followed by one or more things that are not a comma
    • Followed by a comma
  • Followed by one or more things that are not a space
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+1 for such a nice explanation – Hanky 웃 Panky Jul 12 '13 at 6:44

Better to use a regular expression to match the pattern.

var str = "1234,john smith, 4312,jack gold, 5678,Brian,";
var matchGroups = str.match(/([^,]*,[^,]*,[^ ]*)/g);  //look for pattern "XXX,XXX,XXX" followed by whitespace or end of line

//Now work with the sections
for( var i=0;i<matchGroups.length;i++){
    var parts = matchGroups[i].split(",");  //split it into your parts on commas


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Same thing as Phrogz. – Trevor Dixon Jul 12 '13 at 5:35

you can run a for loop to check the next character of space, and based on it you can replace space with &nbsp; or leave it as it is. I mean if the next character is a number you can simply leave the space as it is and if it is a letter change space to &nbsp;

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For example, replace <space><digit> with |<digit> and then split on |:

text.replace(/ (\d)/g, "|$1").split("|")


"1234,john smith, 4312,jack gold, 5678,Brian,".replace(/ (\d)/g, "|$1").split("|")

["1234,john smith,",
 "4312,jack gold,",
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jQuery( window ).load(function() {
                var temp = jQuery(this).val();
                var fullname = temp.split(" ");
                var firsname='';
                var middlename='';
                var lastname = '';

                for(var i=1; i < fullname.length-1; i++) 
                   middlename =  middlename +" "+ fullname[i];
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