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I wrote php code for accessing data in mysql database using wamp server.

here is my php code.........


//connect to the db

$host="localhost"; // Host name 
$user="root"; // Mysql username 
$pswd=""; // Mysql password 
$db="gpsvts_geotrack"; // Database name 
 // Table name

$conn = mysqli_connect($host,$user,$pswd,$db);

//mysql_select_db($db, $conn);
//run the query to search for the username and password the match
//$query = "SELECT * FROM "."  ".$tbl_name. "  "."WHERE uname = '$myusername' AND passwd= '$mypassword' ";
$query = "select user_master.uid,device_locator_tbl.imei,device_locator_tbl.speed,device_locator_tbl.datetime,device_locator_tbl.number,device_master.icon 
from device_locator_tbl,device_master,device_registration,user_master where user_master.uid=device_registration.uid
 AND device_registration.imei=device_master.imei AND device_registration.imei=device_locator_tbl.imei AND user_master.uid=126";
//$query = "SELECT uid FROM $tbl_name WHERE uname = '$un' AND passwd = '$pw'";
$result = mysqli_query($conn,$query) or die("Unable to verify user because : " );
//this is where the actual verification happens

if($row = mysqli_fetch_array($result))
//echo mysql_result($result,0);  // for correct login response

 $rows[] = $row; 
 // close the database connection

// echo the application data in json format
echo json_encode($rows);

when run this php file I got the result as following way....

[{"0":"126","uid":"126","1":"008873407616","imei":"008873407616","2":"36.4","speed":"36.4","3":"2013-06-28 21:56:07","datetime":"2013-06-28 21:56:07","4":"008873407616","number":"008873407616","5":"CAR","icon":"CAR"}]

I didn't use any coloum name to print 0,1,2,3,4,5... here you can see 0:126, it must be uid:126. It is got. But I also got unnecessary fields.How to overcome this problem.

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Imma throw it straight out here, but maybe you want to start using PDOas a database abstraction layer? –  Jeroen Bollen Jul 12 '13 at 5:50
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Try changing your fetch mode

if($row = mysqli_fetch_assoc($result))
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The mysqli_fetch_array gives the result with self define indexes also.

So you need to use the mysqli_fetch_assoc:

while($rows = mysqli_fetch_assoc($result)){
  //your code
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mysqli_fetch_array fetches n array containing both numbered elements and associative elements. You want to use mysqli_fetch_assoc

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In your code you have used "mysqli_fetch_array" that's why you getting above result, Use 'mysqli_fetch_assoc' instead of 'mysqli_fetch_array', You will get result with only column names.

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