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I am new in php. I am learning Code Igniter (a PHP framework). Can anybody let me know is there any bootstrap.php file in codeIgniter ? And if yes then what it does?

I googled but no luck for bootstrap.php file for CodeIgniter, however i got the bootstrap.php file for Zend and one other framework.

Many Thanks.

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I don't see the relation to cakephp –  Alex Stallen Jul 12 '13 at 7:06

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From the question, I'm assuming you would like to know where this file is to add something to it.

The bootstrap file in CakePHP is for additional application settings and setup logic - the equivalent file in Codigniter is probably the application/config/config.php file.

The bootstrap file in Zend contains a class used for initializing the whole application , which by default reads a config.ini file. Depending on specifically what it is you're looking for in "bootstrap.php file in CodeIgniter" - again, the application config files are the CI equivalent of this file's logic/purpose.

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Yes, CodeIgniter have front controller and it's located here: system/core/CodeIgniter.php

You can read comments for better understanding what actually this file does.

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The CodeIgniter bootstrap file is the CodeIgniter.php located in system/core.

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