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I have a partail view that opens in fancybox. When i post the form i want to display a validationmessage in the partial view that shall be open in fancybox.

When i use my code i dont get the alert message and i get redirected to: does anyone know wye ?

The page i get redirected to doesent show it in fancybox, do i need to call it again on success?


$('#sendBtn').click(function () {

        var dataArray = $('form').serializeArray();
        var dataObj = {};

        for (var i = 0; i < dataArray.length; i++) {
            dataObj[dataArray[i].name] = dataArray[i].value;

            type: "POST",
            url: "/TextMessage/Send",
            data: AddAntiForgeryToken({ salonId: dataObj['SalonId'], toNumber: dataObj['ToNumber'], message: dataObj['Message'] }),
            success: function (respons) {

                // Can't reach.

Render Form View:

public PartialViewResult Index()
        var salon = _customerManager.GetSalon();
        var smsViewModel = new SmsViewModel

                                   ToNumber = salon.MobileTel,
                                   Message = string.Format("Ni kommer vid första uppstarten av extreme bli frågade om uppgifter. \n Dessa kommer här: \n Databas: {0}.", salon.DatabaseName),
                                   DateSent = DateTime.MinValue,
                                   SentByUser = _securityManager.CurrentUser.Name,
                                   SalonId = salon.Id

        return PartialView("Partial_Views/_SendSms", smsViewModel);

Send method:

    public ActionResult Send(string salonId, string toNumber, string message)
        var returnValue = false;

            using (var client = new SmsService.SMSServiceSoapClient("SMSServiceSoap"))
                //client.SendSMSGeneric(int.Parse(salonId), "Itsperfect Software Europe AB", toNumber, message, 8);

            returnValue = true;


        catch (Exception ex)
            Log.Error("Error trying to get Salons withId", ex);
            returnValue = false;

        return Json(new { success = returnValue }, JsonRequestBehavior.AllowGet);

AddAntiforgeryToken function:

function AddAntiForgeryToken(data) {
    data.__RequestVerificationToken = $('#__AjaxAntiForgeryForm input[name=__RequestVerificationToken]').val();
    return data;
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Because you did not suppress default behavior of the button:

$('#sendBtn').click(function (e) { 
    // rest of the handler here
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Do simple and it works, thank you so mush. –  Stefan Karlsson Jul 12 '13 at 6:54

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